On the analysis of several web site keywords ranking

love love Shanghai billboard Billboard Hot news are keywords, so to put this kind of keywords ranking to the front, then the flow can be tens of thousands, the general is the use of micro-blog marketing and.

analysis mainly focuses on the needs of key words, "



mining tool keyword mining tools very much, user-friendly tools but few, here I recommend the use of two mining tools: first, love Shanghai client, second words: Chase assistant, love Shanghai Shanghai sex client is bidding for the user are eligible to use, and after word keywords according to the assistant is love Shanghai search volume extracted, the two software is free software and relatively humanization.

Key words: Shanghai

competition: from competitors’websites mining the same keywords is a shortcut for us in the optimization process to go, but not because of the competition website optimization into misunderstanding, and also enter the errors into our website, here proposed to do better than their site site as a rival.

Keywords analysis of key wordsKeywords

, a keyword mining

we set up in the keyword density or keywords within the chain or keyword need to dig an article, like the keyword "keyword density" is the key, I’m ready the first point in writing this paper, the general situation, I explore the keywords are through the following method to mining.

80% Shanghai dragon ER when writing articles are not position themselves in the article, I do not know how to write the article mining long tail keywords whether someone really looked at, so far, every one of my articles are the key words mining, there is an article with keywords, keyword density the details of their own position, so today I and we carefully analyze the keyword density related knowledge.

summary: because of the time words, I only introduce mining tools, do not introduce more keyword mining method, the method and the operation is very simple.


free imagination: general our website do industry are familiar with the industry, if you are doing a very model of the industry, so I suggest first familiarize yourself with the industry, the industry think what keywords are the needs of users, which keywords high conversion rate and other issues, if you are familiar with the industry of their own, at least you can rely on their own imagination to think out of their own long tail keywords.

traffic statistics: traffic statistics system keywords is the source of each user keyword will come to your site through search engines, this kind of keywords is sure to have the needs of users, at least the user has gone through these words come to your site, and you can also use the QQ cloud marketing statistics users search keywords Lailu the.