The content of the website details how to handle under the pomegranate algorithm

times the word bold crane obviously cheating

)An article in In addition, the size of three

Title don’t content keyword

article deliberately add the keyword link to the home page which is typical of cheating, but there are still many owners believe that this approach is conducive to the keywords ranking, the webmaster in content can always insert keywords, which directly resulted in the sometimes reads very fluent, but also put these keywords all point to the home page, this connection is no one click, is harmful to the site, so we do not deliberately content when editing station to add keywords sentence not to link to the home page keywords. (Figure

two, don’t in the article can add keywords and add anchor text

is a typical cheating is that many people love to put a lot of key words in the article are bold, thinking of the artificial control keyword density, let the spider know, so as to enhance the ranking, do so out of the contents of the user to read is not a little extra points, the user is very difficult to read, but also the forbidden love Shanghai cheating, so we content in addition to the major headings and subheadings using H tags accident, other key words we can not deliberately put his bold. (Figure

is a short article with two meaningless keyword links to the home page of


here refers to including many types, such as picture link anchor text link advertising, advertising, advertising and other service links, when we edit an article must remember, not in the middle or at the beginning of the content you think insert some very good advertising, the user is very repugnant to these things, this the medical station is very prominent, many people love at the beginning or in the middle of a doctor’s appointment to insert images, this is in violation of the pomegranate algorithm, when we do content can be added at the end of the link to recommend it. (content at the beginning of the middle advertisement as below)


, a beginning or intermediate do not insert ads

Insert ads

above three points hope that the majority of the website editor can consider, according to their own industry to develop a reasonable plan to update the content editor, a new algorithm of love Shanghai, love Shanghai is always.

pomegranate turned out to those who rely on the algorithm of mass production of spam deceive the search engine site with a fatal blow, before the algorithm did not come out with such a large number of content on the Internet, many websites regardless of the user experience and content to Riga wanton advertising, pop noise and so on, obviously the search engine is the garbage the content of the Internet is not allowed, so mass production method content already not applicable, in front of our algorithm pomegranate when editing content should pay attention to what? I have to share below three points, the webmaster can put these three share to the editor.