The construction site outside the chain need to pay attention to what

website "the chain for emperor" has always been the webmaster are regarded as a classic of classics, the people of Shanghai Longfeng this industry more and more, basically has reached an all Shanghai Longfeng state, in the past year, Shanghai dragon will be a pure fight outside the chain a lot of new technology, destroyed in the chain for the emperor of this classic in the classic. Like everyone, when I entered the field of Shanghai dragon also think so, the chain for the emperor, as long as the hair of the chain, to get the site has tens of thousands of the chain like those stations, ranking will go up. So finally, I like a lot of people, the crash site in such a thought, so as to make a website I was a K page left, did not recover for several months. Why would this be, to the site to do the chain to be K, to the site to do the chain need to pay attention to what

2, the chain needs to have the quality of


1, the early new not many chain

at the beginning of the site, in order to make the site rankings, I set myself a day one hundred of the chain of the plan, of course not every day to reach 100, but at least every day there are dozens, sometimes more, after a month, the number of the chain website from 0 to 3000, followed by the 20, I only included the site was K, was half a page K is not left. Two months have not recovered, finally give up the domain name, website ranking first in failure. Now, I’m doing a website early basically did not send the chain, the chain number every day not more than 5, specifically to these aspects of the contents of the plateau and to engage in, plus some reproduced content. A month later, the website of the amount collected more than 600 new sites, not how to send the chain is really awesome, a month down the site is basically the love Shanghai test period, basically every day snapshot update, included content within an hour. Because of the establishment of a new website in the first few months are basically fell in love with the sea test stage, if this time you add the chain too violent words will be more likely to be bad, love Shanghai that is cheating, cheating when the last station to K off. At this stage included good, I started to give my website to make some plans to do outside the chain. So I think how to send the chain does not require the establishment of a new site at an early stage, because your content is not enough, not what the website is certainly not the user experience, no user experience of the website in search engine cannot survive. I suggest beginners on site of the early stage of the construction of the chain must not be too much, the best day, such as the content of your website in the chain after doing well too late ah.

when you go outside the chain we generally choose to go to the forum, the forum is because the chain is relatively easy, but when we go to the chain is not need to consider the quality of the hair of the chain, is clearly needed, because only with the quality of the chain.