The website keywords positioning and analysis of Zhou Wen

Key words: around the

two goal we have determined that the "Australia" the core keywords, you can derive many target keywords. For example, "Australian students Chinese net" and "Australia student website", has come in the home page, can use the search engine search tips, here the word screening can be used as target site keywords, extended target keywords is the core of key words. Like Shanghai, Google are related to search, the home page has been set down in the construction of the core keywords and target keywords so much how to build? We can use these category target keywords to do it. Category can help us to highlight these keywords, also can let other auxiliary the inside pages.

three, the long tail keywords: long tail keywords is as an extension of the core keywords and target keywords. He is for the convenience of users can more quickly find the content they need established. We can add some descriptive keywords in the target and the core words words, on the formation of long tail keywords. For example, I am in "Australia" with a descriptive phrase will be "students in Australia," Australia website how to "choose what school", so choose out the long tail keywords. Better do the long tail keywords ranking sometimes than target keywords bring. Because length >

, also known as the core Keywords: keywords, keyword is our final destination of the construction site, to achieve the word will be the first search engine. It should be determined in the construction site at the beginning, it means that our entire site construction should focus on the core keywords. For example: take Zhou Wen recently did the Australian students forum, core Keywords: "in australia". Then all the contents of construction on these two words. If a webmaster, when establishing the core keywords should be avoided and the portal competition. If I choose "Australia" or "study" as the core of key words, it is too difficult to optimize up. So we can settle for second can avoid competition. Key words must be put in the home, because the weight of the home page is the highest.

recently in Australia Forum for students, positioning and analysis for the website keywords, actually started or very fuzzy, the location according to the website and services, keywords in order to bring potential customers, positioning is very important. Keywords a site can be divided into core keywords and target keywords and long tail keywords, long tail keywords and long tail keywords five master, the five key words positioning and analysis techniques, website traffic will rise, but the conversion rate is very high. So for the novice how to operate these keywords to bring high flow and high conversion rate? Through their Shanghai Longfeng learning, and constantly practice, summarizes how to site keywords positioning and analysis of some experience and lessons.