sh419 alliance cooperative promotion code is hanging Trojan horseThe first batch of Tencent settled


my "Tan net" is placed at the bottom of 4 sh419 alliance cooperation promotion advertising: anti-virus software, Symantec AntiVirus software, terminator Myspace registration, koowo. I take one by one test found that the virus code from AhnLab cooperative extension.

recently, flow meters Tencent officially settled in the public record, became the first Tencent in the public record space open platform of the enterprise, will provide marketing services for the start-up team, the Tencent and the public record space together, common development to support innovative entrepreneurial team.

file http://s.h1.untang/wm.js is not a Trojan horse, it is a file embrex advertising products.

the wm.js file to download to a local, use Notepad to open the code, found at the back of the file, after adding a lot of blank lines, and is embedded in a 1.htm file see below, this file is the bad guy hanging horse.

            today, the morning after the routine inspection of every site I found that all my sites is linked to the horse, when I visit the computer antivirus software will alarm.

reportedly, Tencent public space, as Tencent efforts to build a customer satisfaction platform for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide online and offline three-dimensional full factor entrepreneurial services to help entrepreneurs grow rapidly. The public record space includes online and offline 5 kinds of core competence — flow acceleration, open support, entrepreneurial education and training, carrying radiation, meet the entrepreneurs of the capital, growth, site, marketing and traffic demand, is committed to creating high-quality Internet business ecosystem, support the incubation of small and micro enterprises and innovation team. Stream meters, as the first batch of settled Tencent space enterprise, has more than 1000 service brand customers, radiation users reached 300 million, becoming the preferred service providers for many enterprises to do awards activities.


is linked to the horse!

I will

at present, Tencent in the country has a number of Tencent public record layout space, a total area of over 1 million square meters, 20 billion Tencent polymerization industry win fund and 100 billion other types of fund, and has a set of Tencent experts group, Sannuo group of experts, coral, Antarctic Circle and other well-known venture institutions in a powerful business mentor lineup.

flow meter, digital marketing awards first brand, in the mobile Internet era, flow meters in this field of Digital Marketing Award originality development, through the digital marketing platform to reward the independent research and development, to achieve professional digital products, personalized design, reward and accurate effective integrated delivery channels, the rapid implementation of brand communication the user, and the effect of polymerization conversion to help enterprises, make marketing more simple, effective, visible.


stream meters, as a member of the Antarctic Circle incubator, in the field of reward marketing Unicorn temperament, but also well versed in the start-up team in the promotion dilemma faced. Now, flow meters in Tencent multi-creation space, becoming the platform of marketing service provider, it is with its own unique advantages in Marketing Award, with the Tencent public record space together, help the start-up team for marketing promotion, stimulate the Internet business ecosystem.

ad code file is http://s.spcode.sh419/spcode/spstyle/style1446.jsp embrex watch URL file is placed on sh419 servers, open the file in the browser, the antivirus software will alarm see below

flow meters successfully settled, together to help start-up team

flow meters in the field of marketing its own reward rules, will reward the goods into the marketing activities, just by virtue of its characteristics, the scene matching features, reward marketing, quickly reach the enterprise activities exposure, pull new, transformation, promoting trade, product promotion effect. This time, the flow meters settled in Tencent created space, became the first batch settled in the public open platform enterprise, will provide marketing services for the entrepreneurial team. There are promotional needs of the entrepreneurial team, you can visit Tencent public space open platform, focusing on the flow of integrated marketing services.


deadline is 24 a.m. 7:3>

            all my sites use different IP, different site procedures, is also linked to this case, really strange. Analysis, my site has access to statistics using cnzz, sh419 website, union advertising, shlf1314, Adsense, these 3 kinds of code, there are < script src=http://s……. .js> < /script> such code; therefore, Trojan horses are highly likely to originate from this.

shlf1314 Adsense is my analysis, there is little possibility of the horse, so I am the first investigation of the other two. I first removed the code for cnzz access statistics on a web site, but there were still viruses that excluded access statistics. Then remove the sh419 alliance advertising code, the site will be no virus. Conclusion it is really unbelievable, that is, sh419 alliance code

Tencent universal space, "super incubator"

The embedded

looks at the web page source code of the style1446.jsp file on the sh419 server and finds an embedded JS file see figure below.