Network traffic doubled 4 weeks — Super Long Tail Theory

website traffic is the focus of recent work, 4.18 site traffic profiles as shown in figure

1, enhance the reading of

in order to improve website traffic, website content not only to look to the search engines, but also to meet the user’s taste. In creating content pays more attention to the user’s taste, by professional network editing and writing content, so that it can meet the user’s experience.



I said pear that is grey often large, while the content of the work to do some adjustments, in order to increase website traffic long decided to walk the long tail line, the biggest problem is the long tail of the website long tail keywords mining and execution.

is the main content of key links, this is a link, because of the nature of the site itself is not recommended, a list of the latest articles etc.. At the site of the internal anchor text links to strengthen the special diversity of key links.

to do long tail traffic need more high effective execution, the execution can accumulate more long tail bring more traffic. 4 weeks to let us see the results. 5.16-5.17 site traffic situation as shown in figure

keyword miningKeywords

5.16-5.17 website to get effective long tail figure:


To improve the

3, around key words to create content

mining the long tail traffic tangled part. First through the keyword tool do under investigation, which keywords for their own website, understand competitors use keywords. How to find the keyword analysis, keyword search volume big little competition.

The IP

and in the article content to do some adjustment:

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