Love Shanghai to share those things you really do

Shanghai will be considered cheating sex? We are very concerned about this problem. Here, the author know in from the front to the unable to answer, I want to say is: before Shanghai launched love sharing, love Shanghai has also increased the weight of the site click, my personal point of view, between the two must be closely linked inevitable, if you just want to share, cause the website jump out rate is high, this share should be regarded as cheating, however, by imitating the real user click after sharing, search engine will think the content of this site is very good, allowing users to share can’t help to other users to browse, so share it, love will give Shanghai calculation.

share but do more, the keyword search results, share more and more attractive, will not affect the fairness of it, the author know in personal opinion, as long as it is done for effective sharing, responsible and willing to work hard for the stationmaster, not what fair and unfair said. People pay for effective labor should also be submitted. But don’t think that share to do better, if the number of share you do 100 thousand and 100 million, but the words outside the top 100, do you share a few users can see? So through the Shanghai dragon ranking is more important than to share.

: Shanghai is not sharing love brush cheating

since March this year, the webmaster are discussing a new function of love Shanghai push out of the Shanghai love to share the thumb. A lot of people in the share each other brush (I haven’t done), for Shanghai to share sex in the end of the Shanghai dragon there is no advantage, or will be subject to the punishment of the Shanghai love these discussions is very fierce. I know in the stands at the site of the benign development point of view, share their own website, to some extent also increase in the number of exposure and the web site of the chain, is also a part of the Shanghai dragon, who share in the brush love Shanghai webmaster should not place too much what.


we repeatedly stressed Shanghai Longfeng, whether the content or the chain from the quality under the relentless effort, don’t let the site into a garbage station, Shanghai to share sex is the same, the quality not quantity, the author also added some knowledge to share, how do you see the share. See most of the webmaster is simple and rough in the brush number, I also have their own people’s view:


2, share account level basically is new, many of which are the registration day day to share, how, no account can the grade Taode love Shanghai eyes? This share has the effect of


1, only to share, not gudeishang website jump out rate. A lot of people is a good direct URL, and then immediately after sharing leave, the Gu share at the end of the first harm on the site without a profit. Jump out of the high rate that website quality is not high, love Shanghai drop right can hardly be avoided.

two: how to make high quality