On a single page website user experience


here on the superiority of the single page website does not do this, the main point here is to investigate the single page website user experience. As one of the major drawbacks of a single page website is the website content updates, a separate page is not attractive for search engine spiders. So many webmaster began to create a single page website using some CMS station program, the basic way is to use js or fram to call a single page website address in the head.

but there is an important question is: after the hard work you do to traffic, a large number of visitors to your site, and the site presents to the visitors is a face like this, I think the visitor’s first feeling is: too copycat! Then visitors will choose in 5 seconds: either fast pull down in the end, close the page or quickly,

do very well indeed, to achieve the highest level of a single page website combining. There are also some problems. I believe that concern a single page website will often use this way to see the establishment of the website. The single page long below the left a lot of space, and then pull the slide down the browser, revealing the surprising navigation (say is surprised, because it is to stay in the place). Below is a list of some rambling look. This kind of website especially Taobao guest website. We all know that this approach is to search engines look, oh, no way, the site to survive.

may never come back!

with love Shanghai promotion, each big search engine bidding and Taobao customers growing, more and more people join the ranks of the network marketing. Single page website has become the first choice of some webmaster.


here we should be thinking about a problem: what is the website to search engine watch or visitors see? I think we should all know what the answer is, yes, always remember an invariant criterion: a visitor supreme! If you get a large amount of traffic through the Shanghai dragon, and visitors quickly leave, this website can produce many deal? We should not flow, but the real money deal! How to do single page website search engine and let visitors experience and taste is a problem worthy of careful consideration Wangzhuan people. Welcome to exchange with you on a single page website production skills, the article from: www.danye123贵族宝贝. please indicate the source, thank you