The secret of the new station included pictures of love Shanghai

if I came in on site is the user, I’m sure a lot of pop-up window, immediately closed, Shanghai is more sensitive to love pop.

finally say: Shanghai dragon is the search engine service, provide the user experience, in accordance with the laws of nature do not whimsical, success might be brought. This paper consists of mm (贵族宝贝mmccdr贵族宝贝/) original webmaster lovingly pathetic feeds, please respect others work achievement, reprint copyright

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picture is the picture stands apart from the title, so the title must be original, write to the novel, do not directly copy the original pictures, love Shanghai judge Title accounted for 80%.

Many webmaster

picture the title of the site is the excessive optimization, which is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice often mistakes, for example "mm, mm mm photo, beautiful, beautiful pictures, beautiful pictures of" this is a picture on the front page of the site in the title, the title of the site directly wrote "beautiful MM pictures photo _ beauty picture photo" can be.

, a new station on the line suddenly a lot of junk friendship, love Shanghai website is difficult to be included, because the site is about 30% of the domestic garbage site, Shanghai love hate spam sites, now love Shanghai algorithm change, more sensitive to the new sites included a longer observation period. Recommended 2 to 3 high weights of the station can be, do not mess with friendship.

introduction: in 2011, there are a lot of friends e-mailing me roughly is why love Shanghai not included my website, recently there are many webmaster website domain enters the picture. The advantage of pictures of the station lies in the content collection is simple, generally from the BBS or blog pictures can be collected. But recently many people’s website has a problem, not a few months included is only included the home page, a few days disappeared again. The Spring Festival this year, free writing this article, hoping to solve the problems included Shanghai webmaster love pictures.

According to the statistics of my

, standing in the user perspective, new sites do not hang pop-up spam.

new station on the line with the software of large mass outside the chain, it must not be included if you love Shanghai, is the old station, but also easy to do right down this love Shanghai. The recommendations made with the anchor text text.

the title to the original, do not directly copy paste.

the new station on the line do not add garbage friendship.

Title keywords not accumulation.

Many webmaster

summary of the webmaster error:

The new station outside the chain of hair do not