The original analysis of keywords ranking has been out of the reason

now in the optimization of an enterprise site, before the rankings are very good, in the last week suddenly keyword ranking plummeted from more than a dozen madly fell more than 110, the whole lost one hundred. My heart was broken, how will work like this, I am not willing to quickly find the problem, cause analysis. The reason seems to find the ranking has not come back, in the fall, though not as much. After analysis, the author thinks that may be the following reasons, not sure, because I am in the website optimization is a novice, this is a rookie, just want to find friends and you stand under it.

two, the website internal problems. This is the first thought. The site is of course website internal structure is changed, this includes the page title, description, keywords density and layout are not big changes, and that is to say, before steadily when the same, there is no problem. Then the content of the website is updated this piece. The updated daily articles are basically pseudo original, modify the sometimes more, sometimes less, but are regularly updated, the number is the same. The maximum possible should is the content, pseudo original caused by excessive repetition of larger, likely penalty correspondingly larger. The content of the website originality is very important, not just for the search engines for the engine, the user experience is the same.


, the relevant government departments involved. This site is the value-added telecom business, simple to say is to do propaganda messages. So I would think that this is the main reason. Some time ago because the influence of telecom value-added service 3· 15 exposed, second days of keywords ranking fell. The middle ranking is improved through the efforts, until the last week before sprint ten. This period of time because of specific rectification and overall decline. Through the inspection, the author found that not only the keywords with local drop dramatically, with regional keywords ranking still steadily. Even the love of Shanghai promotion without the keyword ranking, that is to say love Shanghai did not challenge the government’s authority and other. So Shanghai Longfeng optimized content must be carried out in the limits allowed by the government.

three, the chain is not stable, the death of too much. Is the internal external examination. Of course, this is the site of the external links. The link is still more than 20000, no less. This site is the chain in the forum for more. But the chain in the forum is relatively the most unstable, possibility of a dead link greatly. SO, dead links should be another reason why the site was fined. At this time only a good solution to the chain, will quickly improve the ranking. There are many methods to solve the death, the original is a manual operation of robots, this is obviously not enough for the death penalty because of too much of the site, so do 301 redirect is the most important thing. This is the bulk of the efficiency than robots, not a little. The death.