Li Fu analysis of noble baby Webmaster Tools Application

first we enter the Google Webmaster Tools login, click the domain name into the website console (note, no domain cannot enter, so there must be, in this website) came to the interface, I cut a figure below:

We all know that message.My name is "


4. if you plan to address change is transferred to the new website domain, please use the address change. Tell your noble baby. This will help us to update the index and faster your users to more easily find your new site.


3. website links to the website of the internal links to web pages. Not all sites have links. The noble baby will automatically generate these links, but you can delete unwanted web links.

steps: 1) to set up a new website, set the content in your new domain, and ensure that all internal links are pointing to a new domain.


1.Sitemaps, Sitemaps can help the baby understand noble Submission on your site not found ". I Ningbo move nets station black did not submit, we see is not submitted.



www.9dbjnb贵族宝贝" to "www.9dbjnb贵族宝贝" mail so this domain name is the same, if you do not need this mail, you can delete it.

, a machine to long-term operation, is to go through the late maintenance. Our website is no exception. To your site weight is high, so we have better ranking, at any time for diagnosis, make it "the viscera" safety and health. So how are we going to probe its internal organs? Li Fu suggested that we should use the noble baby webmaster tools, believe you can let us with effort, discuss the specific application of noble baby Webmaster Tools:

2. crawler access is in fact we say robots.txt, it can test whether the normal operation of our robots.txt. This all to experiment it, you will find many of the mysteries of these.

two. Web site configuration

2) to redirect all the original website access, use 301 redirect your original site on the web site to the new permanent redirect. This allows users and search engines know your site has been permanently transfer. Ask the site administrator to update to your new domain links, and use 301 redirect redirect to ensure internal links pointing to your original website right. < >