Love from Shanghai recently changed the importance of user experience

as shown in figure ICP the record information mainly shows in some industries the medical, financial industry is not, follow-up will involve more risk industries. In order to improve the user experience, reduce user selection risk.

, November 5th – linked to the sale behavior reminder, selling links will also hit

Four, November 15th – sitelink chain

". In China, the webmaster can say is by love in Shanghai. Change of love Shanghai is the webmaster always pay attention to the. Recently, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform — a Webmaster Help faster growth platform, November released 4 announcements. Look can be found in order to improve the user experience. To provide a good environment for Internet users. Let’s look at the four announcement:

two, November 8th – love Shanghai official website search results show

can change from love to Shanghai recently seen the importance of user experience. Just like writing.


As the saying goes, "Kaoshanchishan, saying

three, November 13th – Shanghai love search on-line ICP record information display, help users select safe results

also love Shanghai as Google launched Sitelink learning station link is the search results page to weight higher website returns multiple links. In order to better display quality, the authority of the site, to give users more intuitive search results. For an automatic evaluation of some user experience good site, in accordance with the standards of the site on which high quality channel display. As shown below, are relatively well-known website. Before you mentioned Shanghai linked to the sale of love will be hit remind, shows the importance the chain to Shanghai dragon. From the website of the sitelink we can see that the user of the site preferences, the search engine based on user experience preferred. Then we do the chain construction can take advantage of this point. Identify the direction, to perform hard.

the move for the diligent station is encouraging. Can improve the quality of the search, the user can be more accurate search to your needs. Create a good circulation system, reducing opportunistic. Here are the webmaster friends, if there is a link of the behavior should be adjusted as soon as possible, the next period of time will love Shanghai for this situation next update algorithm. In order to avoid greater punishment or who is king station.

vulnerability detection tools

vulnerability detection tools are mainly introduced in order to ensure the safe operation of the website and user experience. Many domestic websites are vulnerable, many owners are not paid enough attention to security problems appeared to remedy. We should prepare for a rainy day. Pay attention to the safety of the site.