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has just started to do site optimization Xiaofeng lottery I also spent a lot of this method, I most often is the first and third, with the Shanghai dragon knew more and more deep, it was soon I decisively removed. I’m glad I did because I website lottery software, such practice problems, because time is short, has not been found in the search engine, can be said to be escaped ah, if a long time, the lottery website drop right or directly by the sea love K station is possible.

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keywords, but to do the smart, reasonable, is natural to appear on the website content, otherwise it will backfire. Here I use this keyword to practice my lottery software, give some suggestions:

Links do keywords, the basic approach is to put the Links keywords to your site;

just entered the Shanghai dragon in this line, many places still ignorant, in order to improve their website optimization ability, I started a website analysis of people. Later in my own independent optimization of a Xiaofeng lottery website, I first analyze the people’s website, its essence, to its dregs. In the analysis process, found that many sites appear keywords to stack phenomenon. One of the key words in the page is repeated keywords, improve search engine keyword attention.

, in addition to the keyword, to do as a keyword sentence form reasonable, natural appearance. Then I do Xiaofeng lottery website as an example I share, I usually in the reasonable adding keywords lottery software. In the title of some appropriate keywords can also, here I said is reasonable, is a natural and appropriate degree of certainty, I am doing this lottery software keyword optimization experience is, how nature is how to do, do not do in order to do keywords. Xiaofeng lottery website 贵族宝贝

content is not reasonable words, meaning to do keyword and write do content, readability regardless of the content, a large number of keyword stuffing.

keyword stuffing some malicious operation, there may be we inadvertently violated. But I do Xiaofeng lottery web page optimization, I still have some reasonable keyword, it is reasonable to say that is not to do a keyword and write articles, but the content of construction, the key words. Many novice Shanghai Longfeng know that to increase keyword density, but do not know how to reasonably contain some errors which is made by many of the old owners.

accumulation of main manifestation has the following points:

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1, in the title tag, description tags and Keywords tag stack behavior;