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is the lack of symmetry of traditional equity investment information.

factors have led to the lack of support for a large number of SMEs, especially small and micro enterprises in the current equity financing system. In the current equity financing system, PE investment mainly for partial mature enterprises is expected to enter the market channel, far away from the market start-ups, small and micro enterprises are difficult to obtain the support of VC and PE; the angel investment mainly focus on innovative enterprises and areas for the traditional areas and ordinary entrepreneurs support is not enough.

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traditional equity financing system, such as asymmetric information and other issues, many non star projects, entrepreneurs lack visibility of the project, it is difficult to obtain equity financing. As a new entrant in the field of equity investment, equity investors will need to solve the industry pain point to reflect their own value and develop.

1.2 stake in the public to raise the value of business models

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in fact, compared with the star project, the VC project is not without the discernment of the ordinary investment value.

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One of the existing problems of More than

investment is actually based on the radius of the investor’s connections, where investors include both VC, angel and other institutional investors, including individual investors. There is a limit to the amount of investment available to everyone, while the project pays attention to the limited number of people who come into contact with it. This makes the docking of investment and financing resources have limitations, and there are blind spots in the allocation of resources, affecting the efficiency of investment and financing. This situation in star enterprises, star project is not obvious, because these projects are no lack of attention. But in ordinary projects, smaller enterprises on the more obvious.

combing the current standard, VC and other investment institutions to raise equity has two big market opportunities: one is the financing problem by eliminating information asymmetry of market to solve the VC and other investment institutions can not pay attention to the project; the two is for VC and other institutional investors pay close attention to the project, to raise public equity through its own resources provide media, marketing channels and other value-added services, to enhance the value of the platform, to enhance the attraction.

The investment and financing of ecological

on the one hand, the value of some projects has not yet been truly understood by the market and investment institutions

1.2.1 traditional equity investment exists asymmetric information, high threshold and other issues

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