Many angel investors after a battle fame the myth of overnight flourishes is falseManagement starts

if the investment is made by a trust institution, the investor should carefully distinguish whether the investor is reliable or not.

before we play, let’s think twice, no,

this is the best of times, capital can snowballed into exponential growth; this is one of the worst times, one can let the wind sways grass snowball capital ashes to ashes. In such an era, "no equity rich" has become many middle class investment model. Drop investor Wang Gang, real fund Xu Xiaoping, these "angel investors" also because of its own light, and in the middle class completely "gods."". While the existing investment model, while the existing investment model, so more and more people joined the equity investment team, nearly a thousand enterprises to obtain financing from about 300000000000 private institutions, public equity raised platform in China such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like a 141 adorable. Faced with such investment boom, Xiao Bian would like to reverse the torrent asked: equity investment, you know what,

one, are we qualified investors,

equity investment is not God created myth,

The current

in the United States, access to venture capital of more than 1 million U.S. dollars 2000 start-ups, failure rate as high as 75%. In China, a total of 353 investments were made in China in the first quarter of 2016, down 32.1% from a year earlier. The data show that the equity investment flourishes under the mirage is more, the ruin of the tragic story.

however, the scene in a lot of equity investment fund and wealth management center, Mr. GPLP found that many have one or two house uncle aunt began to admission, even many middle-class people began flocking to take home a few million began fighting.

two, investment institutions are reliable, wary of investment institutions closed down

any fund raising requires qualified investors. This is the recent mandatory requirements of the fund practitioners association.

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but is this a qualified investor in the real equity investment industry? What kind of person is qualified investor?

"fifth generation management", the author Charles · M· Savage said a witticism: suspicion and distrust is the source of real cost.

when we emphasize the management of love often quote: "no rules no Cheng Fangyuan. But we have ignored such a fact, if the initiative has not been fully mobilized, the rules more, management cost is high, so we think that a rule of enterprise management at least is respect for others.

let management affinity to the people, let the managers and employees of the psychological distance between managers and staff to each other in the free exchange of mutual inspiration, passion and trust, this concept is to reach a consensus on outstanding entrepreneurs and the heart. A columnist to visit Intel, see when Intel CEO Grove cubicle and employees between the grid size, very bitterly accused Grove of this practice is false, but Grove answered and said, he is the reason for this is not to let the power amplification, caused by psychological pressure to the staff, in order to communicate better with employees.

let management real affinity to employees, not only on the surface to narrow the distance with the staff, but to really care about the employees, not only care about the employees of the small household affairs is more important, concerned about the staff’s future, including staff salaries and stock, including employee learning opportunities, recognized the opportunity and development the opportunity.

, equity market in China, commitment of many investment institutions GP before raising the real investment, however, as if it were raining flowers. The circle is even well-known investment institutions, many institutions, the rate of return of eight years is just a digit, half of a lot of GP in investment after five or six years of investment are even haven’t got back. So, >

GPLP you not to belittle you mean, but equity investment is really high risk industry, usually in the family asset allocation in 10% but also, therefore, it usually requires the family assets of not less than 100 million yuan, so that it has high anti risk ability.


you don’t only see someone overnight, to see more people actually makes money lost two.