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pseudo original why a

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Baidu, check out "pseudo original" three words, appear in front of up to about one million and seven hundred thousand of the relevant information. However, the top line is not "put an end to false originality" and other information, but on the contrary is a series of pseudo original tools ranking. One has to say, although the search engine hate pseudo original, redundant information is highly repetitive, disgusted, then why do false original tools in Baidu ranking so fast? Have to say, pseudo original also hit Baidu’s credit. On the other hand, any search engine is exclusive of highly repetitive content. However, due to technical deficiencies, false original repeated flooding. An original article, may be reproduced several times to several times the pseudo original. However, the search engine is also very fond of these content, and its update speed and the weight given is still equivalent to the original. This station has drawn a thinking, time-consuming original write to others is called pseudo original source material, so it is a pseudo original concern, instead of the original is only in the "oral transmission", said all the original, but all of the pseudo original to sneak in do the weight, ranking tired. Of course, some webmasters still focus more on originality.

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How to make the best use of the original

original and pseudo original webmaster has been repeatedly back to the topic, because the pseudo original can completely banned original existence, time-consuming and laborious if the original value can be used instead of pseudo original time-saving. However, the original false original can really be banned there? I want to say is that the pseudo original and original gap is ultimately an insurmountable natural moat. Although the word of the other, but the difference between.

owners saying, "my site every day in the original, but why is not the search engine for website ranking is still half-dead?!" I want to say here is that the original is valuable, but also to play its greatest value. Otherwise, how to highlight the importance of originality? If an original, published only after the site waiting to be included, it is the most basic value of an original article, but its greatest value is far more than these. The original material is the greatest value. How to make the best use, when released an article for Baidu included new exception. When the content has been included, to do is to use fresh original for its external promotion. How to promote the outside? An original, with address forwarding, such as forums, blogs, new content, search engines will be very timely included, invisible, an original value has been more reflected. If there is related to the original contribution platform, you can also contribute to the original. Such a platform forwarding probability is nothing but higher, and generally speaking, if it is original content, copyright no problem, you can also contribute to multiple platforms. Similar to A5, webmaster home such web site, the author often in A5 contribution review, continue to vote to the webmaster home. An original value is nothing more than