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key nodes are in the 10 years before the arrival of the era of the blog, also known as Web2.0 or UGC era, anyone can produce arbitrary content, can be said that together they subvert the traditional media to a certain extent, also led to identification of ordinary users to improve the difficulty. But in general, you can do some sort of distinction through author popularity, fan content, content forwarding, comments, and praise.

      the more advertising units, the more ads appear, according to the bidding rules, the average unit price of all ads naturally decline, which is certain.

      analysis is as follows:

      1; think it is right to reduce the price of a display unit by raising the unit price.


, then five or six years ago in the smartphone era, is not only more, but fragmented and streaming at the same time. After the explosion of geometric quantities, the average person has almost lost the ability to distinguish between good and bad, and free logic has failed in many scenarios. You need medical attention, study and career experience, a lot of information on the Internet and even contradictions unable to agree on which is right, completely false advertising, which is a small can in a short time can understand the

      situation 1: a web page has two ad units, a and B;

      2.1 he did not click any ad on the ad unit a, but clicked on an ad B of the ad unit

      2; however, reducing the display unit does not increase ECPM nor increase revenue.

and audio class Internet content, in fact, is relatively scarce, common, for example, >

See 50+

this wave of knowledge pays PK, and last year’s hot to live video based forms of different, different and this kind of bike sharing line delivery form, this form of audio is renewal, do pay almost no knowledge does not provide audio services.

      1 he saw the ad unit a and clicked on an ad a of the ad unit

there is another core reason: the rise of the middle class. And as long as the middle class, there is almost no anxiety. Foreign middle class generally refers to the stable, affluent and healthy population, but the middle class in our country is thinking of nothing more than housing, cars and promotions. The middle class people are afraid to go up, but even more afraid of falling down. But at the same time they have a certain amount of cash on hand, and the knowledge of self-improvement is willing to spend money.

      for the situation, one browser comes to the web page and there are two possibilities,

as a field known live and ordered 7 get deep column NAO of can users, I have recently focused comparison of a series of knowledge payment products, such as Himalaya, a branch, small dense circle, of course, in order to experience the product, I spent all the money here, to share some experience.


      2.2 he did not click any ads on the ad unit a, nor did he click any ad B of the ad unit

one, after the deluge of information, knowledge should pay

      because we assumed above two case position a ad units are the same, so, for one and two 1, appeared the same two relative to the situation is a possibility, in which 1 the same possibility is also more of a a 2.1

      now popular saying is to reduce the display unit to raise the unit price, thus increasing the income. But I personally think: reducing the display unit does not increase revenue.

two, audio has become the mainstream form of

      while for case two, there are three possible

      1 he saw the ad unit a and clicked on an ad a of the ad unit

audio has become mainstream, on the one hand, the reason is that in the past 20 years, the Internet information flooding, and this is the first to spread the text of the content. At the same time, if you count on the long video content to undertake the era of television, the mobile phone era of short video and live broadcast content, then in fact, the video content on the Internet has also been flooded.

      2 he did not click any ad a of the ad unit

      and we assume here that in the two case, the location, format, color, etc. of the ad a are the same, and appear before the ad B on the page.

      case two: removed the ad unit B; reserved only a;

of this industry has been a lot of discussion, a prerequisite knowledge is paid, the Internet 20 years, information too much, there are a lot of good information, but the more inferior and inferior, because it is easier to refresh, self exposure and attract the eye of the moving machine is stronger.