Changing dynamic web pages to static web pages is not enough just to rely on software programs

in many webmaster heart, dynamic web into static web page is very simple, only need some simple software can realize the automatic change ", this wrong thinking has led to some owners in the transformation process causes the site can not be recognized by search engines and K station, in the face of this situation, now many webmaster not just the conversion", in fact, dynamic web pages into static web pages is very simple, only need a few simple steps can be normal operation, to talk about the dynamic web page into the webmaster static web pages, this process needs to do some what.

first need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the entire site, and not what sites are suitable for conversion, if your site is currently included in good, stable flow, then you go to convert web pages dynamically, I want to change the results certainly not as now, the dynamic web pages into static pages, I think the most the main is to address some included and ranking are not good website,

Secondly, we in the process of conversion of "

in and can not rely on software and software program, and the program is passive operation, these inflexible operation will cause irreparable damage to the site, the author suggests that we should first analyze what website columns need to be converted into a static page, if you are familiar with A5 webmaster will know, we do not need Baidu included places in the submission of the background section, dynamic web A5 is adopted, and in need of Baidu included page, static A5 take, from which we can see the use of dynamic and static a reasonable site is king, which is not to say that using a dynamic or static a simple website can achieve the desired purpose. We can take a look at the two picture, the same article, while the web address from the address from the foreground and background open open "is not the same, the difference of which is a website should pay attention to it, it can be said that the Admin5 site will be a very good dynamic and static combination up, and we the site is the same, not only will all page optimization into static or dynamic, but the combination of static and dynamic.


again when we convert the dynamic web page also need to pay attention to the dead link, part of the webmaster unilateral as long as through the software program into the web page is correct, in fact the root of this idea is wrong, after all, is a software software, he can’t be like people in the transformation time is a careful analysis of the link the site, so we in the web page when the conversion must use some Adsense tools to inquires the website links to their own circumstances, if you find the site links to death after conversion too much, then quickly return to normal dynamic website. The manual conversion is more comfortable than the machine.

finally when we transform the web pages dynamic situation must also think of search engine problems in the conversion process, whether to allow the spiders to crawl the page transformation in the process of these are the owners need to consider.