Getting involved in the nternet is more important than effort

when we see a batch after batch of 80 rich people are basically from the Internet fortune, as the 80’s, it is difficult for us not to create a wealth of ideas. This society is very practical, no funds, no connections, want to create a world in traditional industries, and even the door did not. So, the young 80, the only hard work, can hope to create wealth by placing pressure on the Internet, no choice.

around a group of friends into the Internet industry, a few years later, a success of a career, but also a few years down, mediocrity, nothing. In any profession, success is, after all, a minority. There are many successful methods, summed up the basic causes of failure are so few, the Internet industry in terms of failure or when it comes to the end or not all of the basic is: adhere to the lack of patience, do not know how to learn, the heart of two minds accumulated lazy heart. In addition, there is one of the most fatal is the wrong direction. I remember the president of Tsinghua University who once told their graduates that direction is more important than hard work. A China top university for the top student China saying, also tell us the webmaster, do only by hard work, patience, by learning or not enough, if you choose a wrong direction after the start, then you might try and try again all It doesn’t help the situation.

As a webmaster

come here to talk about selection of novice webmaster do stand in the process direction: for the novice friends, can be combined with their own interests and expertise to choose to do station direction, because the direction actually there is no absolute right and wrong, the A may be the right direction for B is probably wrong the direction of the. Such as the recent development of the Internet two years difference trend is obvious, many webmaster can according to their geographical environment to do selective local websites, such as the recruitment website, local forums, local classified information station. If you want to do a brand station, but you put your mind on doing a single page garbage station, it is estimated that the result is not you do brand station, but brand station you do. For the lack of funds and manpower of individual Adsense, through the industry station or local station to build brand, whether from investment or from the perspective of, is a good choice.

if you have excellent skills, you have the innate advantage of building a brand station. Don’t let technology waste. You can develop some suitable plug-ins or software according to the user’s needs, and then use him as the core product to promote it and bring it together. After all, the earliest Internet group of people are relying on technology to make a lot of money, you have technical description, you have a congenital advantage, the day after tomorrow, how to see how you integrate technology into the Internet users most concerned about the application needs to go inside. Remember: China’s Internet is always the king of the application.

for those who want to do fast station, earn money fast friends, what station do you do? QQ station? Beauty picture station, star station, industry station,


in fact, any industry to make money is unrealistic