nternational domain name system wiped out many people’s fantasy

recently, the Ministry of industry explicitly instructed domestic IDC to note the domain name responsible for issuing the notification of the international domain name real name authentication, forcing the domain name owner to complete the real name authentication standard regulations:


this is the Ministry to notice the new regulation of the Internet environment in the domain name registration policy, before the Ministry of industry practices and did not make a substantive move, but claimed that all of the domain name server access provider will replace domain name again re audit record. However, there are policies under the counter, a large number of gray record sites still wandering in the network, and even the IDC is also indifferent to this, as long as there is no violation of its record number content, took office for its development. Even Taobao has been selling publicly for a long time. It may be that the Ministry of industry has tried the pain of this "temporary cure", or that the "fast record" has been tacitly accepted. But the international domain name system, but to a certain extent to curb the adverse Internet site of reproduction, found the problem after the domain name registration, fundamentally solve the adverse effects brought by the domestic domain name registration false registration. For the legitimate domestic business owners of the site, it can be said to be very small impact.

is no longer a "


in the Ministry of international domain name registration to popularize the real name system not only purify the part of the Internet, but how many people from fantasy? Before the implementation of the international domain name system certification, can be part of the webmaster domain name to the foreign server in a part of the edge information business, worry all the time in the after one day, a Bisuan a pen, but today finally wiped out this fantasy. Even under the dual supervision of the domain name list system, even if the domain name is transferred abroad, the IP address still cannot be resolved at home. As for the Ministry’s new strategy, it has changed its usual "headache kick" strategy, focusing more on the political Internet instability at the technological level. This can be said to bring a lot of good news for the ordinary webmaster, at least finally did not mention the record. I wonder if there will be any further disturbances in its domain name registration,


international real name authentication really hurt who,


as we have said those scared and the webmaster is such a group of people, the new policy implementation is brought to its domestic market near the fatal blow. However, in the Ministry of international authentication issued after the implementation of the country IDC, and hurt IDC? Say the only watched the market share across the sea, although the domestic international real name authentication can be analytical services, but the domain name registration authority in foreign countries is limited and there is no such rules, it makes no real name authentication domain in foreign countries can still get enron. However, although the domain name system in the country after the implementation of the white list system will be blocked from the technical layer, not filed domain name resolution to the country, >