How to write soft text to promote their website

website promotion of soft Wen promotion, website promotion methods are diverse, I have always stressed the promotion should be using many kinds of ways, forum, SEO, reputation and so on, today talk about soft Wen promotion, soft Wen promotion more often than other methods, but must see what you write, most people will be believe others comment.

soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like a small needle, and not dew, overcomes invisibly, wait until you find this is a soft text, you have not cold at the fallen into a carefully designed "soft text ads" trap. It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect.

the role of the soft, soft Wen is actually a form of advertising, but is not the naked propaganda their products or website, but take a tortuous way to express, such as writing there are two methods of description and narrative, advertising is equivalent to the equivalent of the soft part of exposition, narrative, and some soft Wen also take the form of poetry, prose like ah.

1., dissemination of author values. Soft text is different from advertising, to a large extent with personal attention in it. This is an expression of their own values, by taking the soft links only, and through such soft Wen, not only can express their views, but also propaganda website, if writing good enough, still can attract the same ideas friends to discuss progress.

2. bring your own web link, you can increase the effective chain, boot search engine climb to your site, thereby increasing the search engine search records of the probability and ranking.

3. draws attention. At the same time a large number of soft Wen, can quickly make your site to be concerned about the people, when the acquisition is just established or railway station, it is very necessary, and in the early site, can attract a number of early followers or potential customers.

4. traffic guarantee. At the beginning, the website traffic is very difficult, you write the soft, with a link, then someone will click, click this, bring the basic traffic to the site, so the traffic may not be intentional or commercial traffic flow, but still have an impact on the development of the site early if part of a stable source of traffic, the site there is at the early stage, and the structure of the website and content is reasonable, then, ranking will slowly rise up.

soft is to have a certain content, the professional is to have certain readability, with no readability, the beginning to turn off, take out your website or not, even the point that you did not desire, this is the failure of the soft article, in addition to your writing on the outside, also need to point out is the choice of the title and the release of the same are important, but generally speaking, the new handwritten text, trying hard to hold back, not to think of a good title. I am also a novice, these are only personal views, I hope useful to you.