Two traffic statistics, many years of experience

Hello, everyone. I am writing for the first time. I don’t write well. Please forgive me. Introduce myself I have been in Beijing for a few years in the University, has now started to work for a few years, they do stand before graduation, then do the animation station (now think a little naive), count down from the start station until now has been for several years. I’m still holding on to my personal interests. It is convenient for you to know my name. My name is "Terminator"

Now I

website (under revision), the first thing for so long the site the most boring thing is every day is staring at the PV, the IP statistical data, although sometimes annoying but see their website traffic more and more is also the heart is comfort. Such a long time also used several statistical tools, but for a long time is 51LA and CNZZ, are essential tools for the webmaster website traffic statistics has been the importance of statistics can not be ignored, it can make the right choice for the future development of their own website; one of the best it is also a tool to communicate with visitors. Here is my analysis and comparison of the revised 51la and the frequently used cnzz (the following are personal views). If you do not write well or have something wrong, please point out:

one, for two statistical websites, hardware facilities and page design, data accuracy on the comparative analysis,

51la statistics server are generally speaking from the speed and stability, are so often hear complaints in various forums, such as the site was dragged dead; but it should be considered the detailed statistical data from all statistics most of the data for the analysis of shortcomings is more useful, because the server is not stable and often leads to missed data; page design better display clear look at each of the functional blocks is not very messy is also very clear but the new operation is desired, a bit of trouble. Webmaster Statistics (cnzz) statistics server speed and stability is very good, a few problems, too many shortcomings is statistical data than other statistical measure, but occasionally not often. The overall look is still relatively good, but the page design makes me a little not endure, style is also compact do not know why look so difficult, so many years felt like the old grey background did not change, but to me when they call the code problem recently casually mention the interface that gave me the answer is to prepare revised estimates of new CNZZ have to wait a long time to use the. Summary of four words "to be improved"


two, for both the operation and ease of use of comparative analysis,

(1) CNZZ menu not in the group today, yesterday, the previous month details details details of the bar is very useful, very convenient, is I use so many statistics, only do so convenient, more concise page looked more comfortable. "