Talking about website operation from its own experience

site from start construction to operation is a very rigorous process, during which there are many problems need to be proactive, sometimes the slightest mistake may cause great losses, hard operating results will be attached to east water, is the so-called hard for decades, back to the night before liberation. Here is my own from the site to the operation of the real problems, I hope the website construction and operation of friends, combined with their actual experience and lessons learned, less detours.

1. Website construction: ideas determine the way out,

The question of

is a truism, and a lot of people have already discussed it before, but it still needs to be stressed. Because the way out of the decision, it’s like the march to war, there is a good strategy, and less able to sacrifice, to win the war, bringing peace to the country. Everyone in the station must find a good idea of your site, you need to build a what kind of website, your website can meet the needs of users, your site has no market, the development of the latter have large prospects. Thoreau is spent months, an original music website N spent much money to do, the starting point is the early days of the site is not good, but did not do a detailed market survey, and not do a very good, very hasty decision to do a website, now the public on-line measurement have a few months, because the original music industry itself is narrow, a lot of money, the prospect is unknown. So a good direction, train of thought is wrong, much effort is futile.

two. Domain name: very important,

registration of what kind of domain name is very important, conditional or registered.Com is good, so as not to trouble later. The domain name protection is also very important, must remember that before the expiration of the domain name domain name English afterinjection, Thoreau net a few days before the expiration, because forget afterinjection was stopped (a low-level error), and spent a few days to do analytical re registration during this period, the site can not be normal login, lost a lot of traffic, to know the new website the loyalty of Internet users is very low, a small mistake could lead to new users will not go to the website, very sad.

three. Operation process: nip in the bud,

After the

website online, each step carefully, to nip in the bud, advance to think of possible problems on Nassau net, the initial lack of experience, inconsiderate, just bought a virtual space server service providers, not just on the line for a few days because of traffic problems, leading to crash crash and because the music video website, the memory itself is large, virtual space is not enough, then the server service provider where to buy a server, this problem is solved, of course, buy a server and spend a lot of money, so that individual owners should act in the station before, if the money is not like this kind of website do not consider, so late now.

technical issues to advance into consideration, in advance to take into account the hacker intrusion, etc. these problems are hotlinking, Thoreau network development problems in a few months, on-line >