Xiamen dragon cooperation zone to get rid of the traditional rising to try to take the special field

powerful combination is the choice of many enterprises and regions in the development of a win-win strategy. Then, combined with the powerful Xialong cooperation zone what unique advantages and significance? The following and Xiaobian together to understand it.

last November with Chinese CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd about December successfully signed, just a month’s time, the heavyweight of the central enterprises will successfully settled — 135 kilometers from Xiamen Fujian Xiamen Longyan Shanhai Cooperation Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Xialong cooperation zone") is currently speeding up the construction like a raging fire. read more

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Open shop need to have these capabilities you have

see a lot of people open shop to get rid of poverty, do you also want to open shop? However, not everyone is suitable for open shop. If you want to open a shop to make money, you must first have the following capabilities, come and see.

1. good market judgment ability, can choose a marketable commodity.

2. good price analysis ability, not only into the lower price of goods, but also the goods marked a suitable selling price.

The generalization ability of network

3. good, through a variety of ways to allow more visitors to enter their own shop, rather than waiting for the customer. read more

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Roman how much money is needed to join pizza

went to the street to have a random interview with the crowd and asked them if they would like to eat Western food? Most people would like to answer. Of course, this phenomenon is not surprising. Can only explain the western style of Chinese consumers in the heart of the consumer status has been ranked in a very important position, in the market consumption also occupy an important position. Therefore, the New Roman pizza this project by the entrepreneurs of all ages, the development prospect is immeasurable, is a project is of great business opportunities. Of course, want to join the people will doubt, how much is the Roman new pizza franchise fee, before this is to simply look at the New Roman pizza. read more

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The technology of nternet of things in Xiamen

the advent of the Internet era, so that our lives have undergone a lot of change, the emergence of the Internet of things technology, not only in the electricity supplier to better use, can still be used in the aquatic industry. On December 8th, wisdom fisheries Xiamen science and technology limited company in Xiamen to build the east ocean aquatic processing industry characteristics of the "management system" project officially started, the start of the general assembly in the networking technology, the integration of the two traditional aquaculture enterprises transformation of exchange and discussion, and enterprise networking information application signed "the wisdom of the material management system the application of strategic agreement". read more

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Teach you how to open a Korean Restaurant

South Korea Park Geun Hye bestie political incident caused in the global South Korean politics how, we raise a Babel of criticism of, people can only do a melon eating people, not many. How the results can not produce a direct impact on our lives. South Korea how we still want to eat our favorite Korean food, food and beverage investors will still choose to join the Korean restaurant. But do you know the steps and procedures of the Korean restaurant? If you are also ready to open a Korean restaurant, you can come to see me to introduce you to the Korean restaurant shop process. read more

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We also need to keep a good sprint at the end of the business bottom line

time fleeting, even if we break the finger count, in 2016 there is no day, and this year a lot of shops operating basically on the end of the. As the saying goes: not from the abacus to calculate. The beginning of the year, this year has been "lofty ideals and high aspirations" economic depression to "exhausted". Seeing the leaves all over the floor, even a few trees in front of the store Aoshuang chrysanthemum are seasonal erosion, which belongs to the days of the year, fleeting, in these two months, how big a final sprint sales, it is a problem worth considering…… read more

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One dollar can start a business

is not thinking about entrepreneurship? But the thought of a lot of money on startups need to play drums, but business does not need so much money, you have not thought about entrepreneurship with a piece of money? Don’t look down on a piece of money, well, it’s a good way to get rich. If you want to know the story of a piece of money to get rich, take a look at the following small articles to share it, tell you what to do 1 dollars to get rich.

1 what money from selling tea cup with

Cheng just laid off have been looking for a suitable project, by chance, he heard of " disposable tea cup ". He found through investigation, the lack of disposable cups cup cover, tea is difficult to soak the tea cup, floating on the beautiful appearance, some cup quality is not good, but also easy to water seepage.

1 the money what? Coffee instead of tea appears down for

1 what can be done in the hotel, the majority of the boss is not willing to pay more to the guests, and that they will be able to cope with a light pot of tea table guests. He then ran some Private Companies, but most do not think it is necessary to entertain clients, as long as a glass of mineral water, also said he was to do business, and not to tea, a cup of water is polite.

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The first time to open a dry cleaning shop look at it

in recent years, the dry cleaning industry has a good momentum of development, attracting a large number of entrepreneurs concern. In order to successfully open dry cleaning franchise, it is necessary to learn a lot of business skills. Investors in the dry cleaning shop how to get better development in the dry cleaning industry? The following Xiaobian to explain the relevant skills.

open dry cleaning franchise operators, first understand the customer needs. Before the shop to investigate the purpose of consumers to understand how they can accept the price, which products are more popular. The opening of this period of time a month before the popularity is very important, so the publicity must be in place, can design some unique DM in the shop around a. read more

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